Category: Educational

ColorPages - Memorize and Color The Drawing APK

Color Pages for young and big kids. Memorize and color it. Every second matters.

Simple N-Back APK

Simple N-Back task to improve concentration and memory

Quizzlo APK

Quizzlo a simple and smart intaracting quizz app

MO Smart Piano APK

Education and games are combined to make learning piano fun and easy.

Truth and Tales - Fun Interactive Stories for Kids APK

Awesome books for bedtime with amazing tales and lots of fun for boys and girls!

Caliper Games APK

Simple game that simulate how to read of Caliper measurement results

Paper folding APK

Challenge your spatial reasoning skills with this game!

Hygiene Rush APK

Let's learn about cleanliness!

StargazingVR APK

Dive into virtual worlds, solve astronomical puzzles and learn!

Fill-D-Box APK

Have fun with easy maths challenges.

La fleur au fusil APK

Discover the stories of Antoine and Marie to learn History.

TRE Einstein APK

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Word Guesser APK

Simple app to spend some time guessing some Castilian words

Brain Trainer APK

Brain Trainer is a app to increase your calculation speed.

Belajar Bentuk dan Warna APK

Learning Shapes and Colors while playing (Indonesian)

Kids Math Learning APK

It's best education fun with learning game!

Quizmica - Radioatividade APK

QUIZMICA - Radioactivity is a Quiz (quiz game) about Radioactivity

OpenGL ES Color Cube APK

Challenging color match game. See your matched colors on a OpenGL cube.

Bio Craft 3D Crafting Building Games APK

Crafting Voxel Open World Bio Craft 3D Crafting Building Games

BJANGO - The importance of handling waste APK

♻️ 🗑️ Learn how to handle waste by recycling and sorting it 🗑️ ♻️

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